Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project 4: Overview

All in all, I think our group worked really well together to develop a concept that furthered the idea that the law students were trying to convey. Ultimately, we were trying to develop of a sort of narrative that told a story of blight, abandoned areas transforming into environmentally friendly spaces and redevelopment. Thinking about this message that the law students were trying to convey through their report and presentation, we aimed to come up with something that could tell this very positive “story.” We collectively developed a gradient color scheme, ranging from grey to green to help communicate the narrative of the transformation of blight areas to revitalized development. Our initial layout included a triangle to represent the basic building block for development and creation. This triangle was on the upper right-hand side of the page and would change from section to section, ranging from grey to green. 

We were all very flexible, especially after our initial critique with the law students, forcing us to reconsider a new motif to replace the triangle, which they did not like. Ultimately, we came together to develop a new motif and a new way of displaying said motif. Thinking about the original purpose of the triangle, which was to help show a progression in color from grey to bright, happy greens, we aimed to accomplish something similar. However, we approached it such a way that was perhaps more obvious to our audience, who probably would not notice the subtlety of the triangle and that it was changing colors from section to section. We also had to consider the fact that the report would be printed in black and white, so we needed something that was a bit more obvious in terms of progression. We also chose a rectangle instead of a triangle to be our motif since it looked perhaps most more recognizably as a building.

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