Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project 3: App Design Iterations for Critique

Now that I have my app's architecture mapped out and I have an idea of how it would work, I needed to create the interface's various stages. I also needed to develop a system for my trail maps. Trying to figure this out is hard and I'm hoping after Thursday's critique, I will have a better idea if my current system is effective for reading/using.

So far, here are the various screens in their phases...

Note: I have done some of these various stages for an Android phone as well, but as to not repeat myself, I am choosing only to show it on the iPhone in its entirety.

Start-up page...

Loading page...

Home page...

After clicking "locate me," you will be directed to a loading page

And then finally, you will be directed to this page, which allows you to click on a mint circle to find the closest trails. 

After clicking on "see nearest trails," you will be directed to a page listing all the nearby trails. From this page, you can click on any of the trails to see more information and a link to a map of that particular trail.

Here is a sample page of what the trail information page would look like.

And here is where you would be taken upon viewing the map...

Upon clicking, "Regional Trail Info" on the bottom navigation of the app, you will be taken to a page that lists ALL of the trails. From here you can click on any trail and be taken to its information page to view more about the trail. 

Another example of a trail information page and map...

Upon clicking, "Trail Maps" on the bottom navigation of the app, you will be taken to a page that lists ALL of the trails which links you to each of the maps. 

Things I should consider:
  • I'm definitely considering exploring an option of zooming in on the map to see more entry points or perhaps what's nearby. Though, I'm not sure if that would be really useful for all of them considering some of them only have a few entry points.
  • I also need to change my alignment/sizing of some of the graphics. I've noticed that they are not quite "there" yet.
  • I need to keep some of elements consistent in terms of size and placement. 

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