Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project 4: Final Brief


Develop a clear, well-designed report publication and presentation for our law team to present and distribute to city council. Our law team’s report is called Urban Infill and Sustainable Redevelopment in the Des Moines area. Our law team is working to get the local government to redevelop areas of urban blight in Des Moines. These areas are seen as both environmentally hazardous and generally damaging to the appearance of the land. The group will also promote the incentives of making these redeveloped areas environmentally friendly by following LEED certification guidelines.


Our clients are two law students, looking to communicate the importance of revitalizing abandoned lots and turning them into something that would help revitalize the area while also being sustainable. Our law team wanted to make sure we approached these assets in a way that expressed a movement from dreary blight to renewal and growth through development. Thinking about their mission, we collectively decided upon the idea of  a gradient color scheme that progressed from a dark grey (signifying urban blight) to a bright green (signifying the renewal and growth of redevelopment). This also adds a sort of narrative to the presentation. Each "step" of their report is assigned a different color, as shown in our motif of rectangles used under report headlines.


Our client’s report and presentation were to both be distributed and presented at City Council, thus we were dealing with a wide audience that was typically older. Keeping this in mind, we used a larger typeface than we normally would have, with equally larger leading, making it more legible for an older audience. We also wanted to keep the design simple and clear, with idea in mind that the audience would be more concerned with content of the report and less with the overall design. Not that design did not matter, but it was to work in harmony with the content--not outshine it.


1. A professional, clear report
2. An editable presentation


April 4th
Meet with the law students to determine colors, overall feel or message they are trying to communicate. Also, in the meeting, discuss the best ways to communicate throughout the entire design development process. After this intitial meeting, group members are to come up with various spread ideas for the report aspect of the project, keeping in mind the overall message that the law students are trying to convey.

April 9th
Meet with group to choose colors, layouts, and typefaces. Also figure out a way to delegate work throughout the group. Work towards creating a layout for our first critique.

April 11th
Continue to develop layouts, working collaboratively.

April 16th
Begin preparing for a critique with the law students. Complete several spreads and prepare the presentation to be shown to the law team.

April 18th
Critique. Make any necessary changes based on feedback from the law team. Begin considering new iterations.

April 23rd
Prepare work to be presented to the law team for a final critique before final text and imagery is placed in the report.

April 25th
Final critique. Make any necessary design changes. Law team will provide final copy on Friday. Over the weekend, place final copy in the report layout and send back to law students to edit. Make edits accordingly.

April 30th
Finish report layout with final copy. Send to law students and Professor Rosenbloom. Provide Professor Fender with an Indesign Markup File of the report layout and presentation.

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