Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project 3: Synposis

After looking at all of the bike trail information, I found myself extremely overwhelmed with having to look in several different places to find maps and overall trail information. That being said, I wanted to organize all of this content into one place in a way that was simplistic and easy to use. The easiest solution was through an app, which was primarily why I changed my original idea. I felt that the app could better fill the holes that were missing in terms of how the bike trail information was being organized–it was all over the place! I felt that my original idea would have only created more confusion and was something people would have just thrown away after one use. It also had a shelf life in that it was a calendar for the month of May.

I think my app is very simplistic in terms of how the content is arranged, but I think design is very dynamic and different. I think it definitely stands out in terms of app design–it’s very different! I enjoy the overall feel and color choices, which I think what really separates it from most app design. I wanted it to be progressive, because I feel as though that is how I look at biking. It’s naturally a forward moving activity (in the literal sense) and I also see biking as something that is rather on-trend right now in terms of sustainability, which is progressive. So while biking is considered and old means of transportation, I see it as a regression as a means to progression. I have also been told by people that it looks “very bike-y,” whatever that means, but I’ll take it.

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