Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project 3: Updated Project Brief

Create a comprehensive app and includes essential information for Des Moines area bike riders and those new or visiting the Des Moines area. This app will include a GPS navigator to locate nearest trails, information about distance and types of trails, and trail maps. Through this project I will develop an easy way for area riders to access information about bike trails by putting it all in one place in a very simplistic manner.

The overall design and concept will be fresh, progressive and new. While biking has been historically a primary means of transportation, I feel that now more so than ever before, it is seen as something rather progressive and on-trend so-to-speak. Tapping into this, I want to create something progressive and different in terms of app design.

The client for this project will be the Des Moines Bike Collective.

The audience will be Des Moines area bikers, both new and old.

There are no requirements other than the ones I have established for myself, which is to create a comprehensive app.

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