Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project 3: Major Changes

I decided to take a risk and completely change my idea for project 3. My original idea was to create a mailer that would include both a calendar for bike month and a map of Des Moines area bike trails. However, I began thinking about the shelf life of a mailer and decided I wanted to create something that lasted and was perhaps a bit more useful. The world has enough stuff and I thought it would be something people would use once and throw away. Lately I've been thinking about trying to create things in terms of systems, rather than things so that was why I made the executive decision to change my idea to something a bit more sustainable.

In terms of my information design, not much really changed. I am still going to design area bike trail maps and include them in a comprehensive app that includes trail information, as well as a GPS option which would locate nearest trails, detailing their information and map.

Below are my color choices, typeface choices and logo I developed for this app.

And here is my app architecture...

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