Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project 2: Thoughts & Inspirations

For this project, I first began looking into identity systems, just so I could see how other designers interpreted and translated one common idea and integrating it into various forms and media. I think that's why I find it so fascinating. There is are so many approaches and ways of interpreting something and making it meaningful for each medium. Each medium is distinct, but yet cohesive in terms of the brand.

I went to my favorite web site for design inspiration–Branding Served. Here are a few links to some brands I discovered through my research and found very effective.

PS Art Space

Ten Over Six

Alex Poulsen Architects


Macbeth PR

I think looking into how these designers approached these brands and how they translated similar ideas for different mediums will be very useful when it is time for me to finally jump into the designing aspect of this project. Unfortunately, I'm still just researching...but I already have some ideas.


After looking into some images of the furniture that FSX sells and the furniture's history, I've found myself enraptured not only by the forms of the furniture itself, but it's small and minor details. For example, the strangely beautiful triangular shapes that appear in the legs of several Eames' designs. Also, the grain of the wood in their lounge chairs are also quite mesmerizing and luxurious. Thinking about these unique aspects, I think I would like to expose them, showing the form within the form itself. In other words, I think I want to showcase the details.

Something else I thought about exploring was the modernist idea of "form follows function." I think this could be an interesting concept because in the end, it comes down to why we buy furniture–it has a functional purpose! I think it could definitely be a good way to market furniture. This concept, however, will definitely require more thinking, but I think I'm up for the challenge.

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