Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project 1: It's Done!

The submission page was rather anti-climatic (and grammatically incorrect), but I am indeed finished with project 1! I definitely had my frustrations with this project in it's beginning stages. It was definitely difficult finding a focus and creating something of value and quality. I spent primarily the first two weeks a little lost, researching a wide variety of topics and issues. It also didn't help that the targeted audience for this project was in Europe, so it was definitely unfamiliar territory for me! I didn't know if my thoughts and ideas regarding smart cities would translate or even make sense. It was a huge barrier, but I think in the end I got through it with one poster anyway. I still had the difficult decision of deciding whether to submit the Recycle poster, primarily because I was afraid its concept would not translate over in Italy, where the competition is being held. I decided to take a gamble and just go for it, so I'll have to wait and see whether they are receptive to it.

Regardless, I found this project to be rather challenging (in a good way). I feel accomplished, but now I'm really excited to move onto the next project for Content & Audience. Bring. It. On.

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