Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project 1: The Final Stretch

After Thursday's critique, I have finally found myself in a good place. I was pleased to hear that the majority of the class understood what I was going for conceptually and could see that in my design (hooray). Of course, there were still things to be changed. I needed to increase the leading and alignment in my text. I also had to edit out the birds in the sky, which were causing a lot conflicting messages about my topic. I also needed to create an even greater contrast between the windmill and the smoggy, gray sky. Also, collectively, the class as well as the professor thought I should leave out the equal sign out of my CO2 symbol, as it was starting to get a bit redundant  Luckily, these were all fairly simple changes.

I also decided to mess a little bit with color in the text in an attempt to create more contrast in my composition.

After Thursday's critique, I have also decided to enter my "Recycle" poster into the Posterheroes contest. It's definitely a gamble as I'm not sure if it will translate well for the European audience, but I thought it was still strong regardless.

Conceptually, for this poster I was trying to visually show the benefits of using alternative resources as a way to offset carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. I wanted to show what the sky would look like if we didn't use alternative resources in contrast to what the sky would look like if we did. Essentially, the use of alternatives resources is not only better for our earth, but simply put our cities. Smog is a definite problem in cities, but if wind power is used, city skies have the potential to much cleaner, creating a better living environment for city dwellers. 

This poster revolves around the idea of "re" and how all of these "re's" make our cities cleaner and more environmentally friendly. It is essentially urging city dwellers to consider their own actions. Not only does it encourage them to "recycle" but it also, simply put, encourages them to cycle as well. 

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