Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project 2: It's Done.

Below are the final versions of my branding project, Sheyp-lee.

For my branding project I really wanted to focus on materiality and form of the furniture. For me, it was all about the details and portraying some of those details to the audience through the brand by displaying textures, patterns, and forms. What separates this particular style of furniture from any other are the unique details, which is why I chose to highlight this aspect. I cropped images of wood grain and other textures and used them throughout my identity system. I also created my own texture that I used in my logo and throughout, which was inspired by the metal tulip shaped legs on many of the Charles Eames chairs.

I wanted to create a brand that was somewhat playful. Modern and contemporary furniture store branding can sometimes come off as very serious and in some ways a little intimidating, so I wanted to change that up a little bit. Considering the client is a company that wants to make design accessible to all, I wanted to create a design that would be less intimidating to those who aren’t necessarily in the design industry but also relevant to people who are familiar with it. By using a bright green and a lowercase sans-serif typeface, it was already starting to feel more fun so to speak. My layouts were also very very airy and less structured, which was purposeful.

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