Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 2: In Progress...

Below are some images of potential logos for my furniture store brand, Sheyp-lee. Focusing on the forms and shapes within the furniture, I thought the name Sheyp-lee was a good name for my store. Thinking about both the name and my concept, I decided I wanted a more graphic logo instead of a typographic one. As of right now, I am currently leaning towards the triangle logo and all of the variations I have created. I'm not 100% set on one quite yet, but I think they could all work with my concept. 

For my letterhead, I was trying to figure out the best ways in which I could incorporate my logo. Some of my ideas were very rough (and in fact ugly), but  I think I'm starting to get somewhere. Since I have a direction with my letterhead and logo, I've decided to start thinking about my mailer and poster. I already have some ideas and hopefully they will work out. So far, this is essentially what I have as a cover for the mailer. I really want to expand on these ideas and make them better and more refined. Hopefully I can do that!

This was one of the first designs I came up with for my letterhead. Since I've expanded on this format to include actual photographs. I've also tried to link my letterhead to my business cards and envelopes. 




Next, I started to think about how I wanted to my mailer and poster to look like. I think this is the direction I'm headed in. Again, it definitely needs some refinement, but it's an idea and a start. 

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