Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project 2: Final Project Brief


Create a well-designed and informed identity system, as well as collateral materials and a name for a Des Moines based furniture company selling contemporary and modern designs. The identity system will include a logo, a stationary system, an exterior sign and collateral materials. All of the elements within the identity system must be visually linked and cohesive in order to create a compelling identity system for the furniture store. The identity will showcase the details of the products as well as the formal qualities of the pieces themselves.


This furniture store works both commercially with architects and interior designers, as well as the general public. Their goal, however, is to provide accessibility to modern designs that would typically only be seen in showrooms. The company recognizes that furniture design in America is not taken nearly as seriously by the general public, especially in contrast to Europe. Thus, their goal is to make furniture design something that everyone can have access to.

The designers in which the store showcases designers and materials that span several categories, countries, and eras. The store sells classic designs by Charles Eames, Alvar Aalto, George Nelson, Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, as well as many others. Contemporary designers include Philipe Starck, Ron Arad, Jorge Pensi, Enrico Franzolini, Rodolfo Dardoni including others. These products generally are exclusively designed for the furniture store.

The client has both a website and a catalog as a way for people to conveniently purchase their products. However, furniture can be bought locally at the store’s location in downtown Des Moines in the East Village, which will open July of 2013. The clothing company intends on expanding by opening stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Portland.


The store is marketed to both design professional and businesses, as well as the general public. The furniture’s intended use is to span both residential as well as commericial and business settings.

Because of the nature of the furniture itself, prices are high and as such, the audience is wealthy and able to afford the luxurious items sold both in-store and online.


1. Logo, letterhead, envelope and business card
2. Promotional poster(s) for the store’s opening
3. An exterior sign for the building based upon logo design
4. A small brochure or mailer that describes tpertintent information about the company, all while promoting the store opening


Begin researching the furniture and look at its aesthetic as well as formal qualities. Sketch small pictures of the funiture as a means of better understanding the forms. Also, based off of research on the furniture and designers, begin brainstorming name ideas.

Continue research and finalize name.

Begin looking at furniture and start looking for commonalities within the forms of the furniture. Sketch these forms and begin generating possible logos based off of these forms and commonalities. Begin developing a stationary system.

Refine logo and stationary system after critique. Also, begin thinking about the large scale posters and signage.

Continue refinining materials and begin designing posters as well as the mailer. Continue looking for continuity in these items and see how they relate to the stationary set.

Taking feedback from in class peer critique, make any necessary changes. Push forward on the poster and mailer and begin thinking about how these items will look printed out. Once a plan for printing as been determined, begin printing these items and prepare them for critique.

Based on feedback from critique, begin making any necessary changes and prepare items to be completed for Thursday March 14th.

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